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In Memory of LaVerne 'Vern' Cobian

Mass of Christian Burial

2:00 pm
Wednesday December 29, 2021
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
269 Dakota St S
Prescott WI, 54021


1:00 pm
Wednesday December 29, 2021
St. Joseph Catholic Parish
269 S. Dakota Street
Prescott WI, 54021

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LaVerne Joseph “Vern” Cobian, age 92 of Prescott died on Christmas Day, December 25, 2021 at his residence. Vern was born at home in Trimbelle, Wisconsin on May 18, 1929, the son of Frank and Regina (Buss) Cobian. He attended school in Ellsworth.

Working for Lee Kenall, Vern joined his brother Les in traveling to South Dakota, installing electricity to farm building for the first time when his life would change forever. Although dancing was not his favorite, he went to a dance with Les. His dance partner that night loved to dance and her energy lit Vern up. When she chose to sit next to him, their fate together was set in motion. On June 6, 1950 he would walk down the aisle and be united in marriage to his dance partner, Marie “Maizie” Volk. Their early life together was spent in Aberdeen, South Dakota where Vern worked for brother-in-law Leo Volk on the family farm. Vern brought his bride back to Wisconsin to live on the Spriggs farm in Big River where his farm activities were connected with the University of Wisconsin – River Falls agriculture program for student observation and training.  Vern mentioned that he had to keep everything really clean, all the time. Purchasing their own farm moved them to Hager City.  An offer for employment at 3M, brought opportunity to make more money for the welfare of his family.  So, Vern built a new home in Prescott where he moved his wife and four children.  Vern was proud to be a 3M employee for over 34 years in their Chemolite location at Cottage Grove Minnesota. He was also an entrepreneur. He began renting apartments in Prescott which became a rewarding business as the Cobian apartments from 1973 to 1999. Although they had little idle time, they also owned and operated C & L Bar in River Falls.

If you knew Vern, it was evident of his deep commitment to his faith as a Catholic and as a member of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church. He has been a long-standing member of the Knights Of Columbus.  Vern loved being with Maizie, everything was done to see the spark in her eyes.  Many memories were created at their cabin in Spooner, exciting destinations around the world, trips to try their luck at the casino, and simply playing cards with family and friends.

Vern will forever be remembered by four children, Tom Cobian, Steve Cobian, Diane (Robert) Daugherty, and Paul (Darlene) Cobian; grandsons, John Cobian (Isabelle), and Carl Cobian; sister Shirley Hei, brother Leslie Cobian; along with many dear family members and friends. He is preceded in death by his wife Maizie; sisters Leona and Lenora Johnson; and brother Lawrence Cobian.

Mass of Christian burial for Vern Cobian will be 2pm, Wednesday December 29th at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Prescott. Burial will be in the parish cemetery. Visitation will be one hour prior to mass at St. Joseph’s. The Knights of Columbus will honor his memory by praying the rosary at 12:45 pm – all are welcome to join in. Memorials are preferred to Fairy Wonderland Park Prescott project and may be mailed to the funeral home. Funeral services entrusted to the O’Connell Family Funeral Homes; 130 North Grant Street, Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011.

LaVerne 'Vern''s Tribute Wall

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  • Colleen (Caregiver)
    These are my favorite memories of our nine months together. LaVerne, I loved the way your eyes would light up when I set a bowl of cereal with bananas or blueberries on top with extra sugar. The way you would say “is this for me?” When I gave you dessert after every meal-you loved dessert! How your eyes would close and you’d be out like a light whenever you sat in your recliner and I covered you up with your blanket. How you would wake up for me and say “I wasn’t sleeping I was just resting my eyes”. The way you told stories about your life in Trimbelle, Aberdeen, the farms, and of course, the love of your life, Maizie. Mostly I am going to miss you, LaVerne, the twinkle in your eyes, your big smile, and the sound of your voice. LaVerne, you gave me a gift. The gift of memories of our wonderful time together.”
    Tom (Oldest son)
    My earliest memory of Dad was driving a tractor outside. I was on my Mom’s lap at our first farm. At our second farm hanging out in the barn with Dad during milking was common. My formative years on this farm showed me the all-round – do everything type of guy Dad was. He taught me about independent Wisconsin values in the 50’s and how to take care of myself. Dad demonstrated a serious work ethic. Hunting was a shared pastime with Dad. Deer hunting adventures, walking with him in the hills, and gun responsibility at an early age was my father’s doing. Then we moved to Prescott in time for my 1st grade to begin. Dad determined our family lifestyle as per the work requirements of 3M Chemolite for 33 years. It was a time of childhood freedom as long as we made it home in time for dinner with the family. Mom managed the home and they both did side jobs. My parents owned the C/L bar in River Falls during our elementary school years. Mom and their business partner provided more social draw while Dad filled the efficient bartender and bouncer roll while at 3M. Dad was a solid foundation for our family. He was a conservative guy in crowds and an obstacle if he was opposed to something or someone. Dad worried and in hindsight I understand his difficulty with my move to Hawaii in the 70’s. I wish we could have communicated more as a family throughout his life as this seems to be one of our short comings. Overall, I know Dad’s heart and intentions were admirable and loving! Later life really limited Dad with physical restrictions affecting his wellbeing.
    Paul (youngest son):
    Dad was a quiet man. He didn’t do a lot of talking. To learn from him, you watched. That’s what I did growing up. As a kid, I followed him around on his electrical install home projects, sign hanging jobs, and apartment maintenance. While we rolled under the crawl spaces of old houses, I held the flash light so Dad could see. I’m pointing the beam at the wild animals over in the corner…watching spiders, brushing off dirt. And Dad says “Point the beam on my hands so that YOU can see what I’m doing”. Dad, I saw what you were doing – being a hard-working father and husband, who loved your family, friends, and most of all, Mom. Thank you for your guidance and for showing us all the light, in so many ways.
    Darlene (daughter-in-law):
    Vern was a wonderful father-in-law. As evidence of his caring and kindness he crafted many unique and lovely wood items proudly displayed in our home. He loved playing cards but was unsuccessful in turning this Whist player into a Euchre player. He always had a helping hand – whether he held a hammer, a paintbrush or a deck of cards. My favorite Dad quote: “Paul and I both went to the Dakotas to find our lovely brides.” Love you, Dad.
    Carl (grandson, Paul’s son):
    My earliest memories of Grandpa are at the card table. He and Grandma taught me the finer points of many games – like Old Maid, Go Fish and later Euchre and cribbage. I got to know Grandpa while working at his side in his woodworking shop – he taught me how to use his table saw, planers, jointer, router, sander, all without major injury to me. Grandpa, I’m still enjoying those card games and using those woodworking skills you taught me. You will continue to be by my side.
    Rob (Favorite son-in-law)
    Always enjoyed going to the cabin with Vern. Just the two of us, no one keeping us in line. Vern was quiet, that was ok because I liked to talk. We hunted and fished together – good times, I miss them. He always asked if he would see Maizie again. Now he knows. Rest in peace Dad.
    Diane (daughter):
    With two years and six months since Mom’s physical presence ended on earth, Dad’s transition to meet her on Christmas Day was a huge gift. I feel blessed (held Dad in my arms as he passed) also peace, joy, and thankfulness. Dad was always there for me, needed or not. My life was so enriched with his involvement. When Rob was unavailable to mow lawn, Dad would bring his mower over and with two we’d be done zippy quick. Dad was exceptionally talented with woodworking, he crafted many projects which Mom loved to gift. I received many creations which are close to my heart. Dad was a could-do-anything type person. I enjoyed time together working home improvement projects. I will miss Dad in my daily life. He was a quiet man with a gentle spirit who loved to listen and chose not to speak instead of speaking words to hurt one’s feelings. Always a cold bug, loved his blanket and extra clothes for warmth. I was Dad’s caregiver, very grateful! He frequently asked: “Am I Ok?” No need to worry Dad, everything is Ok. It’s Ok! Like the song “It’s Ok!” by Nightbirde. Love you greatly Dad.