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memorial, memorial services, funeral service, funeral services A memorial service takes place with no body, or cremated remains present.

In the past, it seemed all funerals had the same order; a cookie cutter approach. The “traditional funeral service” would typically include a visitation, followed by a church service and then burial. Today, the “traditional funeral” has evolved into its own customary event. It is no longer about simply memorializing a death; rather celebrating a life. At O’Connell’s, we encourage the families we serve to make their services as unique and as special as the person they loved and cherished.

Today, funeral services and memorial services can be as unique as the individual whose life is being celebrated. That’s why we take time with each family we serve to get to know their loved one so that we can help them plan a fitting tribute to someone special in their life. While there are many different funeral / memorial service “options” available. There are a just a few different kinds of service types. Once your family has decided what kind of service to have, your options are unlimited with regard to personalization and customization.

Here are some of the different types of funeral services we offer

  • Traditional Funeral Services

    A traditional funeral service takes place with the body present in a casket (open or closed). Many times there is a time to gather with friends and family followed by services either at the funeral home, at a church or other location. The specifics of the visitation and the services are all up to the family. Traditional services usually end with a graveside service at a cemetery.

  • Traditional Followed by Cremation

    These services take place with the body present in a casket (open or closed). A visitation and/or service is held at a location of the family’s choosing. After all visitations and services, the body is cremated. Once the cremation process has taken place, the family can choose to have a graveside service or keep the cremains. In some situations, O’Connell’s can do all services in one day (traditional service in the morning, followed by cremation, followed by burial of cremains in afternoon).

  • Cremation

    A cremation service takes place after the body has undergone the cremation process. There can be a gathering and visitation time with a service should the family desire one. This again can either take place at the funeral home, at a church or another venue. With cremation, the family can bury the cremated remains at a cemetery or keep them as well. O’Connell Funeral Home is proud to have our own on-site crematory in the Baldwin location. Learn More About Countryside Crematory

  • Memorial Service

    A memorial service takes place with no body, or cremated remains present. There can still be a time to gather and share as well as have services should the family desire. This can be done anywhere the family sees fit. Memorial services can also take place before or after the body has been buried or cremated.

  • Direct Burial

    With a direct burial, there are no services, visitations or viewings. Because of this, no embalming is needed. Shortly after death, the body is placed in a simple casket and vault and is buried. Graveside services can be held at the cemetery at the time of burial.

  • Direct Cremation

    With direct cremation, the body is cremated and the cremains are returned to the family, buried, placed in a crypt or niche in a cemetery or in some cases, scattered. Graveside services can be held at the time of burial or entombment.

  • Death Away From Home

    If your loved one dies away from home (ex. While wintering in Arizona or on vacation in another country, etc) O’Connell’s can still help with coordinating services. It is possible to return remains to our area for traditional or cremation services. Important: Make sure you call O’Connell’s immediately – FIRST – to coordinate all services!

    Again, once your family picks what kind of service they would like to have, the O’Connell staff will work to make it personal
    and meaningful. Click here to learn more about personalization of funeral services.