Funeral Pre-Arrangements

With the help of our staff you will never have to worry about the details of your final arrangements and neither will your family;

Throughout our lives, we plan for many of life’s most precious moments: our wedding, the birth of our children, our first home, family vacations, and retirement. We plan ahead so that we can make sure that the details of life’s most important events are taken care of. Yet, we leave death, one of the most significant events, to our loved ones to plan during a time of sadness and distress. Doesn’t it make sense to prepare for this event now, so your loved ones don’t have to? With the help of our staff, you will never have to worry about the details of your final arrangements and neither will your family. Whether you choose to pre-plan in the privacy of your own home, or at one of our funeral chapels, we will be happy to meet you where you feel most comfortable. You may also choose to prepay for your arrangements. This provides additional peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will not be burdened by financial worries. We can help with any pre-existing insurance policies, bank trusts, CDs, etc., and can work with any financial institution to make sure that all details have been taken care of.

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One of the most important advantages of pre-planning your final arrangements is having the opportunity to put into writing your wishes for how you would like to be remembered. In doing so, no one has to guess what you would have wanted. You can choose to make your funeral or memorial as personal and unique as you wish. From the location, to the music, to the food, the choice is yours. And, you can leave your family with a final loving gift: a personalized reflection of your life in which they can celebrate and remember you.

The staff at O’Connell Family Funeral Homes also serves as licensed life insurance agents. We have teamed up with Pekin Insurance to create policies that fit your needs. Now you can make all of your service plans and financial plans with one person in one location. Click for more information logo_pekin

If you would like to get started with pre-arranging services or would like more information, our online pre-arrangement program provides you with a secure, confidential record of your funeral and cemetery wishes. Click here to go to pre-arrangement form